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The online gambling industry has been blooming for over a decade and with more and more countries taking a liberal stance towards it there seems to be no stop. There are literally thousands of gambling sites that can be found online and new ones are popping up on a regular basis.

To find a high quality and suiting site in this jungle of gambling operators, a massive amount of thrill seekers from all around the world are making daily searches on the internet. The results are stunning as these reveal a huge amount of websites recommending various casinos and betting platforms.

These websites doing the recommending are commonly known as affiliate sites and as an affiliate you make money by having players signing up with a gambling operator. Not any operator of course, but an operator which the site has chosen to have a close relationship with.

While these affiliate sites flock the web and are eager to tell thrill seekers where they should gamble, the question that we all should ask ourselves is the following:

Can you really trust the information provided by these sites when they work together with the gambling operators and make a living out of bringing players to them?

Answering this question is what we here at Gambling Affiliate Review is all about.

Who are we?

We’re two passionate gambling enthusiasts who have been working in the online gambling industry for several years in various fields. We love any kind of risk taking, but if there’s two things that our hearts make an extra beat for it’s casino and eSports betting. We also breathe quality and can’t stand when inaccurate information is being provided about gambling sites; especially not for the sole purpose of making money.

What do we do?

We search the net for all kinds of affiliate sites recommending gambling operators; thoroughly go through all of their pages and then write independent reviews of them. Things that we ask ourselves and have in mind when scrutinizing them is the following:

  • How many gambling operators are being listed?
  • Does the affiliate offer any exclusive welcome bonuses?
  • Is the information provided on the site accurate?
  • How easy is it to find a suiting gambling operator?
  • Are the operators well categorized and can be filtered?

We also look for other features that thrill seekers may find value in, such as well-written gambling guides and news posts, as well as discussion forums.

Can I trust you?

More or less! With the years of experience we have working in the gambling industry and gambling ourselves, our knowledge is quite a vast one. We’re familiar with hundreds of online casinos and can easily spot inaccurate information about them.

No matter the task we pursue we also strive to keep a high level of quality as we never feel good about half-arsed efforts. This means that all of our researching at affiliate sites is done very carefully and that our reviews reflect reality quite well.

Do you accept guest posts?

We do indeed! Anyone is welcome to write for us as long as the quality is on point. Being the owner of an affiliate site you could even make your own review as long as it’s kept honest and informative (which we of course will verify). To learn more about this and get in touch with us, check out our contact page.


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