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Ainsworth was founded way back in 1995 by Chairman Len Ainsworth, and the company’s main goal was to become one of the biggest names in the world of casino gaming. And because of their dedication to creating high-quality games and their focus on gaming technology, they made a name for themselves in the industry.

Ainsworth became one of the most well-known companies because of its massive game selection found in pokies, slot machines, casinos and online platforms. With their massive worldwide success, it was inevitable for them to penetrate the online casino market as well, and created their very first online casino game in 2013.

To date, the list of these free pokies of Ainsworth 2022 with free spins, bonuses and high chances of winning include: Panda King, Cash Cave, Twice the Money, Cleopatra Mega Jackpot, Siberian Storm, etc.

Ainsworth Provider Overview

Number of GamesCreated over 80 different free pokies tiles available in 50 countries
Year of FoundationThe company was founded in 1955 by Len Ainsworth, who also founded Aristocrat Games in 1953.
TechnologyAinsworth does not only focus on making the games themselves entertaining, but they also use innovation by using larger screens with excellent graphics. Plus, they also strive to make all titles available on all devices, such as ground casinos, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.
LicenseThey are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Alderney Gambling Commission, and Curacao e-Gaming. Having these licenses make them trusted by many casino software developers and casinos all over the world.
RTPAinsworth pokies online boast RTPs and payout percentages from 93% to 96%.
Free SpinsEach of their games has different mechanics, but the free spins are quite consistent all throughout their game catalog.
Types of GamesThey started out as a slot machine manufacturer, but now they create both slot machines and online Ainsworth free pokies.

As you can see in the overview, they produced many high-quality titles available in many countries on almost any device. You can play their free pokies Ainsworth online games at home and create a genuine casino experience thanks to the technology, innovation, and dedication to making their best tiles more accessible to everyone. Here are some of the milestones that made this company great over the years:

  • 1995 – Len Ainsworth created Ainsworth Game Technology, with a mission to become one of the world’s leading casino software companies in the entire gaming industry.
  • 2001 – Released their innovative land-based gaming machine called Ambassador. It was equipped with a large screen and high-resolution graphics, which was ahead of its time– making it an inspiration for the following Ainsworth free pokies releases.
  • 2007 – Because Ambassador was a huge success, they introduced Ambassador SL, which featured significant improvements on what was already an excellent machine. They added more products, playing features, and various themes to keep the games more exciting.
  • 2013 – Ainsworth introduced the A560SL, which is a new cabinet that featured linked jackpot prizes, ultimately increasing the company’s revenue and popularity.
  • 2015 – Ainsworth further improved the A560SL and released the A6000.
  • 2020– With their thrust for innovation, they introduced an even better cabinet, the A-STAR. This machine cabinet is equipped with two 27-inch monitors, progressive jackpots, stand-alone jackpots, and other exciting features.
  • In the same year, Ainsworth signed a multiple-year contract with Golden Nugget Casino that enabled them to provide online premium slots.

Particular Features of Ainsworth Free Slots

Online Ainsworth pokie machines and slot machines might be similar even if they are made by various manufacturers. However, there are certain features that separate free Ainsworth pokies from the rest. These features include various bonuses, exciting gameplay, stunning visuals, and other in-game surprises that make free pokies Ainsworth more fun and entertaining to play– whether you want to pass the time or want to try your luck playing with real money.

Here are some features why you should try these free pokies of Ainsworth with symbols and various prizes.

  • Welcome bonuses. Provider offers welcome bonuses to new players, which is a good jump start to winning and enjoying the Ainsworth free pokies.
  • Scatter Symbol. Their games are filled with scatter symbols that allow you to increase your bonuses and free spins.
  • Free spins. Free spins are common in Ainsworth pokies online games, which is why there is a higher chance of winning more with their highly-volatile machines.
  • No deposit bonuses. Although the RTP is lower when you play for free, you can still get deposits without the bonuses.
  • Jackpots. Online Ainsworth pokies games feature stand-alone and centralized jackpots.
  • Bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are also featured in their games, which makes more people hooked.
  • VIP programs. Ainsworth pokies free online offer excellent loyalty awards for long-term patrons, which is why they are popular among both land-based and online casino goers.

Common Myths and Reality: Ainsworth Pokies

It is very easy to believe hearsay and myths about online slots, which is one of the reasons people prefer to play in real casinos rather than choosing the convenience of playing online in the comfort of their homes. 

Common misconceptions about pokies online can result in you losing and these beliefs might even stop you from playing a game because of losing interest. With that being said, here are some myths about Ainsworth pokies you might have heard from someone. We will debunk these myths and tell you the reality and what you should really expect, especially if you come across false information about free Ainsworth pokies online.

❌Myths: Only professionals can play online Ainsworth free pokies.

Reality: Anyone can play online pokies. As long as you are of legal age, you live in a country where online gambling is legal, and you register with reputable online casinos that offer Ainsworth pokies– you are eligible to play for free or win with real money.

Myths: All Ainsworth slots free, including free versions, have the same RTP percentage.

Reality: It wouldn’t be fair to the paying customers to have the same RTP percentage as free games. And that is the reason why, in reality,  the RTP percentage for free versions is much lower.

Myths: Free pokies online that dump out $400 to $2000 will tighten up and you will lose more money if you continue.

Reality: A slot machine’s payout or RTP is calculated over a long period. It would take millions of spins before a machine can go into a bad or good cycle– which means a machine that is dumping $400 to $1200 should not scare you off. If a free Ainsworth pokies online machine you encounter is playable, you should definitely continue to play without worrying that winning will constitute losses later on.

Myths: An online pokies machine that keeps on taking more money will eventually dump out a large bonus if you keep on playing it.

Reality: Like the example above, the RTP is calculated over a long term, with thousands of spins before it rebalances. If you keep on losing on an Ainsworth pokies machine, you should move on instead of hoping to win a jackpot or even break even.

Myths: The progressives don’t matter, and the Ainsworth pokies are based on pure luck.

Reality: When playing to win must-hit-by progressives, you can learn the maths and analyze your moves for a higher chance of winning. Although some casual gamblers do get lucky sometimes, a more experienced gambler will learn the maths and analyze the machines to make better decisions.

List of the 10 Most Popular Ainsworth Pokies

Ainsworth is known for having one of the most extensive lists of game titles, whether it is a physical slot machine or online. But having a lot of titles doesn’t always mean they have higher quality in terms of gameplay, technology, and innovation. Aside from quantity, their games are also high quality. Here are some of the best free pokies Ainsworth you would want to play first. 

  • Grand Bazaar: This fun free pokies Ainsworth features an Arabian Nights kind of theme that will remind you of stories like Aladdin. It features a high RTP, with multiple scattered hand symbols that can trigger bonuses and free spins. This is one of the popular free online pokies that players can try from any device right now.
  • Dragon Lines: It features 50 maximum lines, which makes it an excellent option for high-betting players. Ainsworth poker machines game is filled with scattered symbols that will enable free spins and bonus rounds across its interesting dragon reels and colourful background.
  • Mr Driller: If you enjoy classic arcade game graphics and also enjoy winning, Mr Driller is your best bet. It features exciting graphics with colours that make it stand out. Ainsworth free pokies features 50 paylines with a maximum payout of 2000x your stake, expect to win big if you play this free online pokies Ainsworth right.
  • Barnyard Bonanza: This Ainsworth slot machines online game deserves to be on this list because of its high volatility and exciting graphics. It features 5 reels and 20 paylines. It also offers excellent bonuses and free spins for more chances of winning.
  • Rumble Rumble: It is one of the most popular free Ainsworth slots games ever created both on land-based and online casinos. It is a 5-reel video slot machine that throws up a ton of surprises for both beginner and seasoned spinners.
  • King Ramses: If you are looking for an Ancient-Egyptian-themed slot machine with quality graphics– King Ramses is a popular choice. The Ainsworth slot game features 3 jackpots you can grab with the triple shot feature. Plus, there is a high chance to win bonuses and free spins. This slot machine has lower betting limits, so you can enjoy more without spending too much money.
  • Jade Tiger: This 5-reel and 30-payline slot machine is filled with winning potential. Journey into ancient China and discover interesting symbols, rare symbols, and scatters that will make you win big– all while being entertained by its stunning graphics.
  • Electric Nights: If you are more into flashing lights and disco-themed games with excellent sound effects– Electric Nights is an excellent choice for you. It is filled with exciting features, bonus rounds, cool symbols, and most of all– it is a volatile machine that will take you back to the 70s. It features 5 reels and 30 paylines, mini jackpots, and more.
  • Mystic Moon Big Hit Bonanza: Mystery-themed Ainsworth slots online free machines are very exciting to play, especially if it is made by one of the top casino game developers. Mystic Moon Big Hit Bonanza is a mystery waiting to be unraveled with prizes waiting to be won. Let your imagination run wild as you journey into the mystery with a high chance of winning.
  • Zed Lion Triple Shot: This Ainsworth pokie machines game features triple shots at landing a win, giving you three chances of hitting the major jackpot. It also has free spins and bonus prizes. But the most compelling feature of this game is its stunning graphics that entertain while trying your luck to win on this 25-payline Ainsworth slots online machine.

Instant Play Ainsworth Free Slots

Ainsworth is one of the most accessible online slots worldwide. It is available in many countries, allowing you to play with real money for free. One of its best features is the Instant Play feature which allows you to instantly access bonus spin features of popular Ainsworth free slots online like Rumble Rumble and any other games on a web browser without a deposit and only a quick registration. Here are some of the benefits of Ainsworth online slots’ instant play option:

  • You can access some of their best tiles just by downloading on your iOS or Android device.
  • You can access it on your web browser on your laptop, desktop, or tablet.
  • Because Ainsworth free slot games are used with the Adobe Flash Player or Java, most high-tech computers can run these games without crashing or errors for smooth online slot machine gaming. 

How to Play for Real Money

Many people are pretty skeptical when playing for real money online. Everyone is just being cautious about securing their money and avoiding scams. However, Ainsworth is a reputable company that is licensed by different gambling commissions from all over the world– meaning these games are trusted to be legit and not a scam. 

You can play with real money at casinos or through online casinos, depending on the legality of online gambling in your geographic location. Almost every reputable casino offers Ainsworth pokies, and because they have been in iGaming for 25 years, you can bet on safe and fair gameplay when playing pokies created by Ainsworth. They have been around for years but they never once experienced problems with security, data, and fairness. And because of that, reputable online casinos carry the name. 

Volatility in Free Ainsworth Pokies Online

Ainsworth pokies online is fair, which means anyone has the opportunity to win when playing their online slots with real money. Aside from the traditional multipliers, free spins, bonus games, linked jackpots, and other types of bonuses you get a chance of winning– Ainsworth also offers bonus rewards and promotions for new and returning players.  

Winning on Ainsworth pokies can be a little predictable if you learn from experience, but not every game is the same. However, you can guarantee winning if you play and become a patron through loyalty bonus schemes and joining tournaments. 

Free Pokies Ainsworth: Long-Awaited Releases of 2022

Ainsworth is known for having one of the largest and most easy-to-access game titles in all of the online and on-ground casinos. Despite their already successful list of released games and slots, Ainsworth is set to release yet a list of new and exciting titles for 2022. Here are some of the best paying pokie machines in Australia:

  1. Free Mustang Money Pokie: It features free spins, prize multipliers, and gold coins. You will really love the theme and color hues featured in this free pokies Ainsworth game, and before you know it– you will be playing for hours. It accepts low minimum bets for longer hours of enjoyment. 
  2. Eagle Bucks: This highly-anticipated title features a wildlife theme that consists of the American Eagle, buffalos, coyotes, and more. Aside from the play-worthy graphics, the gameplay is its top feature. It features free spins, bonus games, and prize multipliers– which are the common features that make Ainsworth free slot games great. 
  3. King Chameleon: This Ainsworth free slots game is very rewarding. It not only rewards a bunch of prizes, but it also rewards players with its stellar graphics. It features wild chameleon symbols, free spins, prize multipliers, and the rare golden chameleon that will make you win a lot. 
  4. Jungle Monkeys: This 5 x 3 reel slot machine can dump up to 1,000,000 coins. Plus, the monkey theme is quite entertaining, even if it is the only Ainsworth gaming machine you play for hours. It features all sorts of jungle-themed symbols with a variety of colors that are pleasing to the eye. 
  5. Golden Ox: This oriental-themed online Ainsworth free pokies game is simple but beautifully crafted– not only because of its top-notch graphics but also because of its volatility. With tons of experience making Ainsworth poker machines games, you can tell that these new games are very well made because of the symbols that make them stand out across the 25 paylines and 5×3 layout. 

No Download No Sign Up

One of the best things about playing Ainsworth online pokies is that you can instantly play them on your computer’s web browser without signing up and without downloading the games. Plus, aside from the easy instant access to their online pokies, their games are quite intuitive and easy to understand for first-time players. 

Because the majority of online casino software is developed using Javascript and HTML5 framework, you can quickly access the Ainsworth pokie machines games on a browser or any mobile device. They run smoothly on these devices and are programmed to perfection – enabling you to enjoy the games and secure your winnings without worrying about software crashes and bugs that could ruin the experience.

If you are a first-time online slot machine user, you will definitely appreciate the easy access and quickly feel how easy it is to play online slots in the comfort of your home with Ainsworth pokies. 

Online Casinos That Offer Best Pokie Machines

Many reputable land-based and online casinos offer Ainsworth pokies games, not only because they are popular but because Ainsworth is a fair company that offers excellent customer service and satisfaction. These online casinos are some of the most reputable options in the world. Being available to play on these online platforms says a lot about the reputation of Ainsworth and other casino software companies who were lucky enough to make it.

  • Royal Panda
  • Slots Magic
  • 32 Red
  • William Hill
  • BetVictor

Must-Hit-By Progressives on Free Pokies Ainsworth

If you are interested in hitting a large jackpot, Ainsworth free pokies have a must-hit-by jackpot, which is guaranteed to be won at a certain point if you are lucky. Some jackpots rely on pure luck. However, a must-hit-by progressive jackpot is all about timing, knowing the maths, and a tiny amount of luck. This mystery jackpot has a higher payout and the probability of winning is greater– especially because it is inevitable to be won if you play more.

General Rules

To measure the predestined point, this is the general formula used on most slot machines, which probably includes free Ainsworth pokies online:  = m × (h + r) / (h + 2r)

Most must-hit-by progressives work similarly, and here are the general rules for most machines and pokies:

  1. Any jackpot will start once it reaches a defined minimum amount.
  2. If you were randomly chosen, it distributes a uniform starting value and a maximum possible jackpot.
  3. The meter rise or the certain percentage of the money you bet will go towards the jackpot, and that is how it grows. 
  4. If you are lucky enough and predict that a machine is ready to award the jackpot, once the meter crosses that predestined point, you will win it. 


To measure the predestined point, this is the general formula used on most slot machines, which probably includes free Ainsworth pokies online:  = m × (h + r) / (h + 2r)

In this formula, 

  • “t” is the target point
  • “r” stands for the rise of meter rate
  • “m” is the max jackpot
  • And “h” is the house edge of the game (but you need to also consider the average value of the progressive. 

There is no guarantee that the machines on a specific date will be ready to award the jackpot, and that is where luck comes in. Without monitoring every machine 24/7 and 365 days a year– you will have to be lucky enough to be there at the right place and the right time– playing the right machine. There is no sign of losing and winning on the machine that will ever tell you that it is about to dump a huge jackpot– no matter what the myths tell you. 

Top Ainsworth Free Pokies Games for Mobiles

Ainsworth pokies do not stop at creating instant play games on your browser and on-ground casino games at your favorite casinos. You can also play fantastic titles on your phone. It is an excellent way to pass time and be entertained for hours. With the same gameplay principles, bonuses, and free spins– more platform availability means there are more ways to win. Here are some of their best Ainsworth free pokies games for mobiles you can play right now. 

  • Legends of New York: Playing Legends of New York on mobile is an excellent experience. It features a 5 x 3 grid with red reel lanes as the backdrop to each symbol. It features a different kind of New York City and offers many ways to win big. So, it's the best pokie machine to play Australia.
  • Glitter Gems: If you enjoy games like Candy Crush on your smartphone, you can try Glitter Gems and win real money. Free pokies Ainsworth offers the same vibe. However, the gameplay styles are obviously different. It is a fun game with an RTP of a little over 95%.
  • Cash Hound: If you are ready to win cash, Cash Hound is a 5-reel 25-payline Ainsworth free slots machine that is popular among smartphone users. With high-quality graphics enhanced by your phone, you can win big and have tons of fun at the same time. 
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