E-Mail for Dummies – All Common Questions Answered

There’s no shame in not knowing everything there is to know about e-mail – that’s what this article is about. We have created this page with the ambition of answering some of the most commonly asked questions about e-mails, which include the following:

What Does CC Mean in Email?

CC stands for “Carbon Copy” and means that the e-mail you are sending will also be sent as a copy to any recipient that you add under the “CC” tab of your e-mail client. Everyone receiving the e-mail will be able to see who it was sent to.

If you want to send a copy to someone, but not let everyone know who the e-mail was sent to, you can use “BCC” which is also an option in your e-mail client. This stands for “Blind Carbon Copy” and means that no one will be able to see to whom the mail was sent.

The term carbon copy comes from the good old days before internet. To make a copy of a letter you were writing to someone you had to put a piece of carbon paper between the paper you were writing on and the paper that was going to be the copy.

How to Email a Google Doc?

Sending a Google Doc as an e-mail is very easy. Once you have the document opened up, all you have to do is to press on “file” and then choose “E-mail” and “E-mail as an attachment”. This will allow you to send the document in several different ways. You can either send it as an attachment that can be downloaded or you can just send the actual content of the document and have it appear in the e-mail as it was written.

If you send it as an attachment, you can choose to send it as a word document, pdf document, html and a couple of different document types.

How to Address Two People in an Email?

This can be done in several ways depending on the type of e-mail you are sending. An informal way of addressing two people could be as simple as to write “hi guys” or even “yo wazzup peeps”. Maybe you’re sending an e-mail to your rap producer and rap buddy? It’s all contextual.

If you want to keep it very formal you may want to write “Dear xxxx and xxxx” with the xxxx being the recipients names. If you don’t know their names, its fine writing “Sir” and “Madam” should they be of two different genders or even “Gentlemen” and “Ladies” if they’re of the same sex.

How to Compress a Video for Email?

If you want to compress a video to be able to send it as an e-mail there are a ton of ways to do so – many which include lowering the actual file size of the video. However, the easiest and most convenient way to send a big video file as an e-mail is in our opinion to compress it using WinRAR or to sprend it using a file sharing website.

If you’re using WinRAR (a file compressing software that can be downloaded for free here), you want to right click on your video file and then select “add to archive”. Here you should choose “RAR4” as an archive format and “Best” as a compression method. This will compress your video file to about a seventh of its original size.

Please note that if you’re using this option the recipient needs to have an unzipping tool installed on his computer to access the video file.

While using a file sharing website isn’t compressing a video file, it’s a super easy way for you to send your video as an e-mail. Just visit a site such as WeTransfer. Here all you have to do is to upload the video file and enter the e-mail you want it delivered to – it’s as easy as that!

What Does Compass Email Mean?

Compass e-mail can mean two things. It’s first of all an e-mail client that is free to use, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Additionally, there’s an internet and telecommunications company in New Zealand that is known as Compass which is offering e-mail services. You can read more about this company here.

What Does Flagging an Email Do?

Flagging an e-mail is for your own convenience. It’s telling you that this e-mail is important and shouldn’t be forgotten. By flagging, the e-mail is simply highlighted which makes it easier to spot if you have several e-mails in your inbox. It may be that the title of the e-mail gets colored red or that the backgrounds color of it turns yellow. It varies depending on your mail client.

How to Embed PDF to an Email?

Unfortunately it is not possible to embed a PDF file to an e-mail. What you can do, however, is to save the PDF file as an image and then send that as an embedment in the mail. You can also send the PDF document as an attachment. Doing this it won’t appear embedded in the e-mail though.

How to Fill Out a PDF Form and Email It?

There are two types of fillable PDF forms – those that allow you to add text to them using a computer and those that require you to print them out to fill them in. The latter can be converted to the first by clicking on “tools” and then “form”.

Filling an editable PDF is easy as all you have to do is to open it up with Acrobat Reader and click on an option that says “fill and sign”. This will allow you to add text to the document.

Once the document is filled you can save it and just add it as an attachment to the e-mail that you want to send. Alternatively you can send it in Acrobat Reader by clicking on the tab “file” and then the option that says “send file”.

How to Attach a File to Email on Iphone?

Attaching a file on your iPhone e-mail is easily done with the below steps:

  • Open up your e-mail client on your iPhone
  • Click on “compose” to get started with a new e-mail
  • In the message field, open up the editing menu by holding your finger
  • Select the option that says “add document
  • Located the file you are looking to add and tap on it to add it to the e-mail

That’s it! Your file is now attached to your iPhone e-mail and is ready to be sent.

How to Send Email to Multiple Recipients Without Them Knowing From Gmail?

To send an e-mail to multiple recipients without them knowing is no different in gmail than any other e-mail client. All you have to do is to use the “BCC” option as opposed to using the “CC” option. As explained in the beginning of this article this allows you to send a copy of your e-mail without your recipients seeing to whom the e-mail was sent.

How to Schedule an Email From Outlook?

To schedule and e-mail in outlook, what you have to do is to press the “options” tab after you have finished writing your e-mail (but before sending it). This will allow you to access an alternative that says “delay delivery”. Once you have pressed this option, tick a box that says “do not deliver before” and enter the time and date you would like your e-mail to be sent.

After this you just have to close the window and send the e-mail as you usually would. It will now be sent on the time that you specified provided that Outlook is online and connected to the internet at the time the e-mail is supposed to be delivered.

How to Forward Only One Email in Gmail?

You have a long thread of e-mails from a conversation you’ve had with someone and would like to only forward one of these e-mails using your Gmail client? Unfortunately you can’t without some editing.

However, to make it as easy as possible what you want to do is to click on the specific e-mail that you want to forward. After that you can click on the three vertical dots that open up the options menu and choose “forward”.

As you will notice, no e-mails that were sent after this one will be included in the forwarding. However, all old ones will. If you don’t want to include these, you simply have to edit the body of the e-mail and delete previous messages.

How to Send Bulk Email Without Spamming?

Sending bulk e-mails without spamming and getting blacklisted is an art on its own as e-mail providers have advanced their technology to prevent their users from getting spam. There are several things you must take into consideration such as:

  • Have a low bounce rate
    If too high of a percentage of your e-mails aren’t delivered due to the e-mail being misspelled or no longer existing this will impact you negatively. Make sure that you clean your e-mail list so that all e-mails are active and correct.
  • Have a good domain reputation score
    All e-mail providers will rate your e-mails based on something referred to as domain reputation. This is exactly what it sounds like – how reputable your domain is. While all of the algorithms used to determine your score is a secret, we do know some things.

    You want your e-mails to have a high open and read rate. Thus you must provide your users with good content that they actually want and sell it with attractive headers that’ll make them open the e-mail.
  • Add an unsubscribe alternative
    If you want to send bulk e-mails without spamming it is crucial to add an unsubscribe alternative to your e-mail. If the recipient doesn’t want your e-mail and they can’t unsubscribe, there’s only one thing left for them to do which is marking the e-mail as spam. This will impact you negatively. Also, e-mails without an unsubscribe button usually get flagged as spam either way.
  • Don’t use spammy keywords
    It’s no secret that some types of e-mails get blacklisted more than others. For instance, porn and gambling is highly sensitive. So are words like “free” and “make money”. While you want your headers to be inviting you also have to stay professional and not appear as spammy. Be careful with your word choice and don’t choose words that spammers would.
  • Avoid large images and weird fonts
    Just sending an image with very little text may flag you as spammy depending on your reputation. So can weird fonts or odd color choices.
  • Make sure your HTML is correct
    If you’re sending e-mails as an HTML it is very important that the code is not broken. Double and triple check before sending!
  • Link the right way
    Nothing wrong with adding links to an e-mail, but you have to do it the right way. Do not use link shorteners and do not overuse links in your e-mail. One or two is enough.
  • Set up DKIM, DomainKeys, DMARC, SPF, and reverse DNS
    This is technical and we won’t go into how it’s done, but we will mention it as a step towards getting your bulk e-mails delivered and not being marked as spammy. Just Google how to do it.
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