Esports Betting Opportunities for Players: Learn With Income Access

If you want to get a better understanding of esports and learn about its betting landscape, then this is the article for you! Drawing from knowledge across the Income Access team, we’ve created a brief overview of the opportunities that esports betting has to offer to players.

What Is Esports Betting?

Much like traditional forms of sports betting, where players can wager their money on the outcome of a real match or competition, esports betting involves the same process, only for virtual events. However, unlike the market for traditional sports betting, which is quite settled and saturated, esports only continues to diversify. As this space for online games rapidly expands and the number of esports games increases, so too will the betting capabilities for esports players.

Keen players are aware of these different betting opportunities. They know the limitations of the sports betting market and are excited to make money through new and more exciting ways. 

Sports Betting vs. Esports Betting

If you are a player who bets on traditional sports, you may find that esports is the best new arena to enter. With so many games to bet on – including virtual versions of traditional sports betting competitions ─ there’s bound to be something you enjoy. And unlike many sports leagues, where certain teams dominate and make the betting experience repetitive, esports offers countless competitions with unique ways to bet. 

Among these are live betting with in-play modifications, PvP or player vs. player betting, and a vast range of platforms on which players can both bet and play. These capabilities alone have completely reshaped how players bet, as you can now customize your wager as you play the game yourself. One example of this is round by round betting for games like Call of Duty, where players can modify their bets for themselves or their team each round. Platforms such as Twitch and Discord have enabled this integration of gaming and betting, and the entire process has become more interactive and entertaining as a result. 

Key Esports Games and Events

Before you start betting in esports, it is important to know the context of this space. Esports is an entirely digital interface, so it makes sense that many of its games appeal to younger players and their tastes. However, massively successful virtual games like EA’s FIFA, NHL, and Madden NFL give options to those who prefer sports betting. 

But if you align more with video games over sports, you will be happy to know that your options are limitless. Games like League of Legends, Rocket League, Dota 2 and more have dominated the space for a long time, and these games will remain a benchmark in esports. In fact, the League of Legends World Championship drew over 100 million people, topping numbers from the Super Bowl, NBA Final and World Series

Other popular games include Battlefield, Halo, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, Street Fighter, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. These games offer plenty of betting options, all the way from large-style tournaments to single-mission bets, so you’ll always have something to do.

What to Look for When Betting in Esports

To ensure you have the most enjoyable and successful esports betting experience, you should choose to bet with operators and get reviews from affiliate sites that offer:

  • Easily accessible platforms for players to bet on.
  • The ability to stream or view games while betting.
  • Integration of gaming spaces like Twitch.
  • Betting options for newly released games. 
  • Thorough catalog of games in a variety of genres.
  • Diverse payment options.
  • Sportsbook and fantasy options.
  • Esports-specific promotions (in-game benefits, meet or play with a pro gamer).
  • Esports-specific betting options (PvP, in-play betting).
  • Dedication to esports betting, with a focus on enhancing the player experience.

This list is not exhaustive, but make sure to play and bet with reliable operators and trusted gaming services. As the esports industry is still developing, it is important to make informed decisions on your journey.

Final Thoughts 

Esports betting continues to grow within the iGaming industry and represents a new and lucrative area for players. Offering many new betting options, game types, and player interaction, this sector is becoming the destination for bettors of all kinds! If you are just beginning to explore iGaming and gambling, or if you are a seasoned player, esports is sure to have something for you. For more industry insights and knowledge on gambling, lottery, esports and more, visit our page.

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