How to Pick Winning Horses To Bet On

There are few sporting events more popular with gamblers than horse races. If a punter wants to win money, they need to make an accurate prediction. This will involve choosing a horse that they believe will come in the first place. The factors that determine the best racers are pretty complex. The conditions of the course itself will play a significant role. So too, will the horse's pedigree.

Breeding has an impact on stamina levels and speed. Expert bettors often follow the progress of specific horses in handicaps. Once these animals begin to race against better-weighted competitors, their true potential can be discovered.

When it comes to handicap events, it is better to base the performance of a horse on its overall rating rather than its last win. There are numerous other factors to consider when wagering on betting utan svensk licens. Gamblers who do enough research will be much more successful at making a correct prediction.

The Going

This is a term that many horse racing fans will already be familiar with. It relates to the underfoot conditions of the racetrack. The going can influence horse performance in a number of ways. For example, if there is too much moisture, the course will become soft. As a result, the horses will move at slower speeds.

Conversely, dryer ground can allow horses to reach their top speed. During the winter, the going can end up being the most critical factor. A lot of horses only run well on specific surfaces. Interestingly, jockeys will sometimes choose one that loves racing in mud during wetter months of the year.

The Distance

Each horse has its limits when it comes to how far it can run. Owners cultivate breeds that can handle large distances. However, eventually, their stamina will give out. If tracks are flat, then winners will tend to be the horses with the best endurance levels. On the other hand, it gets more complicated when obstacles are involved. Jumping over hurdles may tire out some horses more than others.


The human element should not be overlooked. Each competing horse will have its own jockey and trainer. If these people have had great success in the past, then it could tip the odds in their favor. Gamblers are always looking for horses with good connections. Occasionally a jockey/trainer combination will be used to target a specific venue or tournament.

Pundit Analysis

Not everyone will be knowledgeable enough to make an informed decision. Luckily high profile horse races attract expert pundits. The bettor could listen to their analysis of each horse. This is a valuable shortcut for anyone who does not want to perform detailed research. The pundit will not be correct 100% of the time. However, novices should certainly utilize their opinions when deciding which horse to wager on.

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