Best Instagram Names to Get Followers – A Complete List

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Unless you’re a movie star, famous musician or any other type of celebrity it is hard work getting a popular Instagram account. It requires the three Ps; passion, patience and persistency. But that’s not all. The first step of reaping in the followers is branding yourself by picking a clever Instagram name that’s catchy and memorable; something that easily sticks with people and captures their attention. Optimally the username should also reflect what your Instagram is all about.

So how do you pick the perfect name? You have to be creative and think out of the box. To help you out and give you some inspiration we have created this article where we list close to 100 of the best Instagram names to get followers. This includes anything from classy Instagram names to cool ones, gender specific and those that will highlight your innocence and cute personality.

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Top 10 Instagram Usernames of All Times

Best Instagram Usernames of All Times
Best Instagram Usernames of All Times

Here is a list of clever Instagram names that could boost your followers.

  • ShutUpAndDoMe
  • BruceWilling
  • FridgeGoneRouge
  • FappedAndItSnapped
  • AnnoyingAshtray
  • PhotographicMemory
  • CorruptedTomato
  • Instamaniac
  • BorderlineHobo
  • BlindedByMyCamera

Top 10 Best Instagram Usernames for Girls

best instagram names for girls
Best Instagram Usernames for Girls

Below is a mixed list of girly Instagram names that can make you stand out.

  • LadyRainbow
  • MalfunctioningDildo
  • SupernovaBabe
  • DailyDoseOfMe
  • WeirdAndWhimsy
  • Zelphy
  • Miss_Chevious
  • PeachPrincess
  • Moon_Flower
  • ArtificialHappiness

Top 10 Cutest Instagram Usernames for Girls

cutest instagram names for girls
Cutest Instagram Usernames for Girls

Want to highlight your cuteness as a girl? Check out the below list of Instagram names!

  • Cuteopedia
  • SweetAsHoney
  • Innocence
  • PuppyEyes
  • PinkUnicorn
  • Snowflake
  • FluffyDreams
  • PrettySweet
  • FairyDust
  • PumpkinPie

Top 10 Coolest Instagram Usernames for Girls

coolest instagram names for girls
Coolest instagram names for girls

Use this list to get inspired by Instagram names for girls with an attitude and girls who want to look cool.

  • ShortSharpAndShaved
  • BrilliantBitch
  • DoucheBagDestroyer
  • RadicalRaspberry
  • MercilessLilly
  • ConsumeMe
  • ColoringTheWorld
  • PottyTrainedBabe
  • CrystalMaiden
  • Q_T_Attitude

Top 10 Best Instagram Usernames for Boys

best instagram names for boys
Best Instagram names for boys

What is a good Instagram name for a boy? It could be something that’s ballsy, funny or completely random. Check the below!

  • NosePicker
  • JustAQuickiePlease
  • EightsomesAreTheBest
  • TheToiletMadeMeDoIt
  • BarbaricGardenHose
  • RealMenLikeFlowers
  • GandalfTheGrape
  • Immortalized
  • RespectMyGoldFish
  • SmellsLikeKittyLitter

Top 10 Cutest Instagram Usernames for Boys

cutest instagram names for boys
Cutest Instagram usernames for boys

Want your Instagram account to reflect your sweet and cute personality as a boy? This list is for you!

  • ButchBunny
  • ShyButShaved
  • HeartOfGold
  • TasteLikeVanilla
  • SunnySam
  • BoyAngel
  • VirToTheGin
  • WrestleMePlease
  • DreamLike
  • Qtie

Top 10 Coolest Instagram Usernames for Boys

coolest instagram names for boys
Coolest Instagram names for boys

Here’s good inspiration to some of the coolest boy names your Instagram account could have:

  • Mesmerizing Mike
  • PuzzyPumper             
  • BishopOfBoobs
  • YoMama
  • SecondToNone
  • PubesOfSteel
  • DamnImDizzy
  • TipsyThoughts
  • AssOrPass
  • DoYouEvenSwallow

Top 10 Best Instagram Usernames for Yoga

10 best instagram names for yoga
Best yoga names for instagram

If you’re all about Yoga this list will certainly get your creativity going!

  • WideOpen
  • BentOver
  • BendMeMore
  • SeriousStretching
  • LizzyLissom
  • UntieMyself                
  • MissRelax
  • MeditationalMoves
  • Flexicon
  • YogaWeMustYes

Top 10 Best Instagram Usernames for Lovers

best instagram names for lovers
Best Instagram usernames for lovers

Got an Instagram account that you share with your partner? Here are some names that may be perfect for you:

  • AlwaysTogether
  • MoveAsOne
  • TeamPassionate
  • OnePlusOne
  • PairOfHearts
  • SideBySide
  • HePlusSheIsWe
  • TwiceTheFun
  • RomanticDuo
  • BeautyAndTheBeast

Looking for Classy Instagram Names?

Classy instagram names
Best classy instagram usernames

If you want to be classy it’s much harder to be creative as you have stricter boundaries that you need to obey to. However, here are some that we find useful:

  • AClassyTasteOfInsta
  • PoeticImagry
  • SirInstalot
  • InstaWithStyle
  • Graphic_George
  • MonsieurGraphico
  • PoshPictures

Common Questions About Usernames on Instagram

How do I choose an Instagram username?

Be creative! When it comes to marketing it is always a good idea to stand out. Start by identifying what your Instagram account is all about as you may want to match your name with that. If it’s just a general account then only the sky is the limit. Check out our vast list of names to get inspired!

How do I change my Instagram username?

Once you’re logged into your account all you have to do is to click on edit profile. Here you will find a box where you can enter any username you like. Do note that if you change it, your old username will become available for others to use.

What is a good username for Instagram?

Something that matches the niche of your account, is intriguing and easy to remember. When people hear about you, you want to spark their curiosity to get a follow. You also want them to be able to share your account with other people, which means that you can’t have a name that is too complex to remember. It should be something that sticks with you.

What is username in Instagram?

It’s the name of your Instagram profile. What users will find you by when they use the search function.

What to do if I forgot my Instagram username and password?

Open the Instagram app and click on “get help with signing in”. If your account is linked to a phone number you can enter this to receive a code as a text message. Just enter this code and your account will be recovered.

If you don’t have a phone number linked you need to click on “need more help” followed by “I can’t access this e-mail or phone number”. This will open up a support ticket which you can submit. Fill it in as thoroughly as possible. The support team at Instagram will get back to you with instructions on how to recover your account.

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