Where Can I Find Kickass Torrent Sites?

As you may be aware of already, the original kickass torrent site along with other similar ones, such as Thepiratebay were shut down a long time ago. Since then torrent sites with the same theme and underlying software has been popping up on the web to continue where the predecessor left out.

The kickass torrent site is often use to download DMCA protected and other copyrighted content and software for free such as:

  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood movies
  • Software such as Photoshop
  • Operating systems such as Windows 7 and 10

There is also used to download other things that are not seen as illegal. Even though that may just be a portion of the use, it is still worth mentioning.

Access and Finding Kickass Torrent Sites or KAT Torrentz

Below is a short list of URLs you can use in order to access kickass torrent sites.

You have to be aware of that in order to download anything from a torrent site you need bit torrent software. That is a piece of software that helps you both share and download torrents at the same time.

Other sites like KickAss Torrents

If kickass torrents doesn't do the trick for you then there is multiple of other options to choose from:

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