Non GamStop Casinos and Gambling after Self-Exclusion

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If you are a part of the GamStop self-exclusion scheme, this stops you from using UK-licensed online casinos. However, there are other options that you can consider. As non-UK platforms are not registered with GamStop, this means that all players will be able to sign up for an online casino account and begin playing as they please.

Self-exclusion programs are important for keeping problem gamblers safe. However, there are certain ways in which these types of schemes can affect your gambling even if you do not have any problems. This is why a lot of people in the UK are now only looking at all casinos not on GamStop.

Players don’t have to deal with any hassle when using the non-UK casinos. Instead, they can get access to some lucrative promotions and loyalty reward programs with the non-GamStop casinos, as well as a great range of games. After conducting extensive research, we have come across the best possible solutions for people in this situation.

Non-GamStop Casinos after Self-Excluding Yourself

play slots not on gamstop in UK
You can play good slots on a none gamstop casino from UK

GamStop is the service that is used by online gambling platforms in the UK to restrict or limit a person’s online gambling access. The main way this is done is via a self-exclusion scheme. Most sites have their own tools whereby you can put limits in place on your account or self-exclude from that particular site.

With GamStop, you can exclude yourself from all of the participating online gambling platforms at once rather than having to do so individually. Therefore, if you are on this list, all of these options are ruled out for you. As this is a British scheme, GamStop will not deal with platforms that are registered outside of the UK. Therefore, you can access these platforms even if you are on the GamStop self-exclusion list.

Popular ways to block gambling-related platforms

If you are someone who may be dealing with a gambling problem, there are many different ways you can seek help. You have access to many great resources, such as GamCare that can help you deal with your gambling behavior. There are also some effective self-exclusion schemes and blocking software you can use to help control your gambling. Here are some of the most popular options for people in the UK:


GamStop is currently a free service and it covers all UK-licensed betting and casino sites. For a while, there was no mandatory membership required for operators in the region.

However, as of March 31, 2020, all operators that hold a license with the UK Gambling Commission need to be a part of the GamStop scheme. Therefore, if you are on this self-exclusion list, you need to look outside of UK-licensed operators if you want to play at an online casino.


casinos not on gamstop
Gambling sites free from gamban

Gamban is another self-exclusion program that covers a lot of gambling-related websites and apps across the world. These are not just online casinos and online sportsbooks, they also cover all different types of apps that may have some sort of gambling element to them.

People need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use this service. If you are a part of the Gamban network, you will find a lot of UK online casinos that are blocked, as well as certain non-UK casinos, something that is not seen with GamStop.


NetNanny is a blocking software tool that allows you to stop your computer from accessing certain websites. Web filtering technology is also used to block certain types of sites if you wish, such as gambling-related platforms.

While this offering is mainly aimed at parents of children, it also is a tool to block gambling sites. This software is pretty good at doing so and is a subscription-based service.

Stricter Rules on Non-GamStop Gambling

As time goes on, the UK authorities are cracking down more and more on online gambling. There are a lot of restrictive rules and regulations in place in the UK. In some sections, the requirements have become too strict for certain operators. Many have subsequently taken their business elsewhere.

The upcoming government review of gambling legislation in the UK will likely only bring further restrictions to online casino players and operators. As of March 2020, there is a requirement from the UK Gambling Commission that all licensed platforms need to be a part of the GamStop self-exclusion program.

This makes it very difficult for non-GamStop gambling as before, this was only an optional step for operators. Nowadays, online casinos will face hefty financial penalties if they fail to be a part of GamStop. Therefore, you will no longer come across any UK-licensed online casinos that are non-GamStop.

As a result, you need to look further afield in most cases, at online casinos that are based offshore. This is because only UK-based platforms can be a part of GamStop. According to recent UK Gambling Commission data, about 35% of consumers are now aware of offshore gambling options. This data could indicate that there is now a shift away from a lot of the heavily licensed platforms in the UK over towards these less-regulated offshore sites.

More Non-UK Casinos than UK-Licensed

With the new rules that all licensed online casinos in the UK need to be a part of GamStop, you will now be focusing on the many top-quality non-GamStop options that are out there. There is nothing wrong with using these non-UK casinos once you make sure that they have a good reputation as being safe and secure.

Oftentimes they bring something fresh and exciting to the table, with different game types and innovative features that you will not get with a lot of UK casinos. Many of the GamStop sites have become somewhat stale, with a lot of UK-based online casinos looking like carbon copies of one another. With the offshore platforms, you have a stunning range of different casino types to check out for yourself.

Future of Non-GamStop Gambling

If you are in the UK, there will no longer be any UK-licensed online casinos that you can use if you are a part of the GamStop self-exclusion program. However, you can use any of the hundreds of non-UK online casinos that are out there today without having any worries. You are not losing out on anything by using these other platforms.

In a lot of ways, they are more enjoyable as there are not as strict rules in place. You can quickly get started today with one of the many offshore online casinos if you are a British resident, with a great welcome offer usually being a part of the registration process.

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