Someone’s Mom Has Four Sons – North, West, South – What Is the Name of the Fourth Son – We Got the Answer!

A good riddle is always fun and here is one that has been boggling countless of family members, internet warriors and even the brightest of minds. The riddle, which is the same as the topic of this post, says the following:

Someone's mom has four sons – North, West, South. What is the name of the fourth son.

Are you smart enough to solve it yourself or do you need us to tell you the answer? Check below for hints and a full disclosure!

Hint 1.

The answer is not East. Do you really think they would make it that easy?

Hint 2.

Pay attention to the fact that the riddle has no question mark.

Hint 3.

Do you know what? We don’t either…

The Answer.

To be honest there is no answer to this riddle as there is no question asked. The entire riddle is a statement that ends with telling us the name of the fourth son, which is “What”.

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