The Best Sportsbooks in Arizona 2023

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you would have struggled to have missed the rise of online sportsbooks across the US.

In the space of a few short years, online sports betting has gone from being outlawed across the country, to being a lively industry enjoyed by millions of Americans. Following a landmark US Supreme Court decision in 2018 which opened the door for fully legal online sports betting, millions of dollars investment has flowed into the industry.

Although some states have lagged behind others in terms of legalizing online sports books, residents of Arizona are some of the lucky US citizens who are now able to place wagers online!

Sports betting became fully legalized in April 2021, making the Grand Canyon state one of the most enthusiastic supporters of online sportsbooks. The legislation currently in place in Arizona permits a total of 20 different operators to provide online betting services to residents of Arizona, of which there are 17 currently in operation.

Provided you are a temporary or full-time resident of Arizona and are over the age of 21 years old, you can set up an account with one of the many new sports book operators currently open for business. Out of these operators, however, what are the best options out there? And, more importantly, what kind of Arizona sportsbook promos are available for new users?

For the answer to these questions and more, keep reading this brief overview of the best sportsbooks in Arizona in 2023!


As one of North America’s most prominent sportsbook brands, DraftKings is an obvious chose for Arizonians looking to place some live wagers online. Thanks to a massive round of investment and many prominent sponsorship deals, DraftKings has considerably increased their brand awareness in recent years. As things currently stand, they are one of the biggest names in the business.

In addition to being a popular brand name, DraftKings has also put together a seriously impressive package for sports fans. They have one of the sleekest UIs out there and getting your account up and running is a cinch!

In addition, DraftKings are pretty generous when it comes to welcome bonuses and regularly run promotions when there are big games going on. With all this considered, DraftKings is an easy choice for Arizonians looking to dip their toes into the world of sports betting!


Although lacking some of the brand-power and international backing that some of the other online sports books on this list enjoy, BetRivers has nevertheless managed to put together a compelling offering in many different states in the US.

BetRivers currently operates within 16 different US states and has grown to be a popular choice for millions of Americans just getting started sports betting for the first time. They are known for being beginner friendly, while also offering some of the most competitive bonuses you are likely to find offered anywhere.

In addition to offering a generous welcome bonus for new users, BetRivers also has a loyalty and reward system for regular users of the platforms. This gives you an incentive to stick with them, rather than hopping around different platforms trying to get the best deal.

So, if you are looking for a beginner friendly platform that gives you a reason to stick with them, BetRivers is definitely worth investigating!


Despite being one of the smaller online betting brands that has made a name for themselves in the US market, Unibet has proved themselves to be an incredibly popular choice within the six states where they are currently operating. For residents of Arizona looking for a new online sports book to try out, we think Unibet is definitely worth checking out.

Unibet is part of a global sport betting and casino brand that currently provides services to over 11 million customers across 100 different countries. Although they are one of the smaller names in the US market, Unibet has serious brand power behind them.

Despite being a bit of an underdog, Unibet has put together an incredibly sleek operation in the US market which builds on their international success. They have a great customer support team, seamless payment systems and a user interface that most novices can learn to use within a matter of minutes.

They are also generally quite generous with the promotions, which tend to ramp up in the run up to big games or tournaments. New users are also treated to a generous welcome bonus, which is worth the price of admission alone!


With a presence across nine different states, WynnBET is a mid-sized player in the online sports betting space. Despite only being a ‘mid-sized’ player, WynnBET has proven popular with eager Arizonians looking to place bets online.

WynnBET markets itself as a premier sports book that offers the ultimate sports betting experience. But do they live up to the name?

Despite lacking some of the brand power of the other names on the list, WynnBET gets the basics right and delivers a betting experience that is relatively seamless. The account setup process is easy to follow and doesn’t make you jump through too many hoops, while the betting interface making it easy for novices to place their first wagers.

WynnBET also provide a solid welcome bonus in addition to the regular promotions they run on the site. If you end up being a regular user, WynnBET has a great rewards system in place to reward your loyalty!

Desert Diamond Sports

As the name suggests, Desert Diamond Sports is an online sports book with a close affinity for the desert state, but this close connection to the desert doesn’t just start and end in name alone. Desert Diamond Sports is currently one of the few online sports books operating exclusively in Arizona, which makes it a bit of a hometown hero compared to some of the international brands on this list.

Desert Diamond Sports is an online sports book that caters exclusively to Arizona residents. It offers a standard selection of sports betting features, which includes coverage of baseball, hockey, football, basketball and many more major professional sports.

Although lacking some of the sleek design of the bigger names mentioned in this article, Desert Diamond Sports has put together a solid package. The account setup process is relatively simple and the customer support team is always on standby to help you through any issues you are having.

As an added bonus, Desert Diamond Sports also offers an excellent welcome bonus, which provides you with a sizable deposit match just for setting up an account. So, if you want to check out a local option for all your sports betting needs, Desert Diamond Sports is definitely worth taking a look at!

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