Everything You Need to Know About Verizon E-Mail – Login, Migration to AOL, Settings and More

In 2017 Verizon came to the conclusion that their e-mail platform wasn’t as competitive as others and that they would be better off just focusing on TV and Internet experiences. Thus they cancelled their e-mail service and allowed users to migrate their account to other providers.

In this article we have answered all questions related to this migration, such as how to login and access your Verizon e-mail; recover missing messages; and configuring IMAP settings for Verizon.

Does Verizon Webmail Still Exist?

No, the company has ceased providing an e-mail service. This means that you can no longer reach your Verizon e-mail from www.verizon.net. Up until December 2017 it was possible to migrate the e-mail you had with Verizon to AOL and other service providers, but this is no longer an option.

Is There Any Way to Login to My Verizon.net E-mail?

Only if you have migrated your account to another service provider. If you have, sign in to your Verizon e-mail by using the same e-mail address and password. For instance, if you migrated to AOL, you can visit mail.aol.com/Verizon and sign in as you normally would.

In other words, the ending of your e-mail has not changed, but your AOL e-mail should say @verizon.net. The same thing goes if you migrated your Verizon e-mail to Yahoo, which would then be to visit verizon.yahoo.com and sign in as usual.

How to Access or Check My Verizon E-mail if I Didn’t Migrate?

If the account wasn’t migrated before December 2017 you can’t. All data that you had on your e-mail is unfortunately lost and cannot be recovered.

My AOL Verizon E-mail Login Doesn’t Work

If you’re experiencing this issue it can only mean one of two things:

  • You did not properly migrate your Verizon e-mail to AOL and now it’s too late.
  • You are typing in the wrong e-mail address or the wrong password.

Please note that your Verizon e-mail login for AOL should be the exact same as it was on Verizon.net. If you are certain that you are using the correct e-mail, use the password recovery tool as an incorrect password must then be the problem.

Missing Contacts on AOL Webmail Using Verizon.net Login

If you migrated your Verizon e-mail to AOL but can’t see all of your contacts when you login using the mail.aol.com/Verizon website, this is probably due to the following:

  • You created or edited your contacts in another medium than Verizon.net, such as using a software like Outlook and Apple Mail.

If this is true, the contacts are still saved on this application. What you need to do is to export them and then import them into your Verizon AOL account.

I Transferred Verizon to AOL but Cannot See My E-Mails?

First of all, don’t worry, they are not lost. You have probably been using a third party application to check your Verizon e-mail. Due to the migration, you are required to update the POP settings for Verizon or configure IMAP settings to be able to receive your e-mails as you usually would. We explain all about this below.

Configuring IMAP and POP Setting for Verizon E-mail

Below you will find the server settings you need to configure your e-mail client to be able to have your Verizon e-mails appearing in your software. This way you don’t have to sign in to your Verizon e-mail using AOL, Yahoo or whatever provider you have migrated to, but can check your e-mails in Outlook, Apple Mail and other e-mail clients.

Updating Your Verizon POP Settings

The following server settings for Verizon e-mail accounts are only recommended to use if you had a POP3 configured e-mail client prior to the migration. If you haven’t received e-mails to a third party application before, but would like to do so now for the first time, we would suggest using IMAP settings for your Verizon.net e-mails.

These are the POP settings to use for your Verizon e-mail:

Server SettingsPort Settings
Incoming mail:pop.verizon.netPOP3-995-SSL
Outgoing mail:smtp.verizon.netSMTP-465-SSL

If you don’t know where this information should be input in your e-mail client, we would suggest making the following Google search: “how to update pop settings *insert name of e-mail client*”.

Verizon IMAP Settings

Below you will find different types of IMAP settings depending on the provider your Verizon e-mail has migrated to. Use the settings that match your provider.


These are the IMAP e-mail settings for Verizon AOL accounts:

Server SettingsPort Settings
Incoming mail:imap.aol.comPOP3-995-SSL
Outgoing mail:smtp.verizon.netSMTP-465-SSL


To configure your Yahoo migrated Verizon e-mail with IMAP use:

Server SettingsPort Settings
Incoming mail:imap.mail.yahoo.comPOP3-995-SSL
Outgoing mail:smtp.verizon.netSMTP-465-SSL


These are the IMAP settings for Verizon to Gmail migrated accounts:

Server SettingsPort Settings
Incoming mail:imap.gmail.comPOP3-995-SSL
Outgoing mail:smtp.verizon.netSMTP-465-SSL

Windows Live / Hotmail / MSN

If you migrated your Verizon e-mail to windows Live, MSN or Hotmail, use these IMAP settings:

Server SettingsPort Settings
Incoming mail:pop3.live.comPOP3-995-SSL
Outgoing mail:smtp.verizon.netSMTP-465-SSL

Can I Configure My Verizon.net E-mail Settings on Iphone?

Yes, the device you are using doesn’t matter. Just use the IMAP/POP settings provided above by going to your iPhone settings and clicking the mail, contacts and calendar alternative. Here you can add your migrated Verizon e-mail by using the above settings and then conveniently access your mails on your iPhone.

smtp.verizon.net Is Not Working as a Setting

If you’ve configured your IMAP/POP settings with smtp.verizon.net and it isn’t working for you, it is most likely the port that is wrong. Make sure that it says 465. Also make sure that you have not mistakenly put this server setting as incoming mail; it should be outgoing.

What Is the Difference Between POP and IMAP?

The difference is that POP settings will only allow you to access your Verizon e-mails on your e-mail client. Once an e-mail is received or sent it is deleted from the server (such as AOL, Gmail or Yahoo) and saved on your device. With IMAP your e-mail client is constantly in-sync with the server where all data is saved. Here’s an image that gives you a good overview:

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