Watch Movies Online for Free Using Uwatchfree

Want to watch movies and TV-series for free? Don’t want to get caught up in the legal dilemma that downloading through torrent sites creates? Then is the website that you’re looking for. This website has been running since 2013 and allows you to stream movies and TV-series in HD-quality for free. It is safe to use and very convenient. No registration or anything like that is required.

This Is What You’ll Find at U Watch Free

Watch all this for free
Watch all this and more completely for free

The website is home to more than 10,000 movies and nearly 500 TV-series. You can watch almost all of the latest releases – anything from top rated flicks to mediocre binge watching movies and laughable fiascos. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for as you can search as well as sort movies in the following ways:

  • Release date
  • Genre
  • Dubbed in Hindi
  • Bollywood movies

As an Indian resident you’ll be pleased to know that uwatchfree has a ton of hindi movies to be streamed online; more than 2,000! It’s not only Bollywood productions, but also many of the best movies made in Hollywood are available as dubbed in Hindi.

What You Won’t Find at Uwatch Free

Currently the website doesn't have that many movies released prior to 2009. We do not know if they will add older movies further down the road, but they do have a request feature. You can simply drop a comment on the site with the movie you would like to be seen added and they claim that they will try to add it for you as soon as possible.

Watch marvels avenger movies for free
Watch Marvel's Avenger movies for free

Streaming Movies for Free at Uwatchfree – a Step by Step Guide

Getting started with your favorite uwatchfree movies and TV-series is super simple. Here’s a quick guide to how you do it:

  1. Visit uwatchfree’s online platform (you can find working links here).
  2. Click on the movie or TV-series you would like to view (you can use a search bar to find it). This should take you to a page with a video and a description of it.
  3. Click on the play button that appears on the video. You may have to click on it several times as ads are likely to appear. Just close down these ads by pressing on the “X”.
  4. DO NOT click on a button that says “watch in HD”. This will take you to another website that has nothing to do with uwatchfree.


No video is available after choosing a movie

If so, this is because it has not yet been embedded into the website. What you have to do is to click on the links that you’ll find below the movie description. It looks like this:

Host ServerQualityMovie Links
ViDPlayerWEBRip / Blu-rayClick to Play
MixDropWEBRip / Blu-rayClick to Play
ViDEoLoxWEBRip / Blu-rayClick to Play

It doesn’t matter which of these links you click on. A new webpage will open up where the video will be streamed. Here as well you may have to click the play button several times and close down ads that appear. If a link doesn’t work, just choose another one.

The video is constantly pausing when I’m viewing it

This is probably because it hasn’t fully loaded yet, which is likely to be a result of poor internet connection. If you’re downloading anything we suggest you to stop or if possible upgrade your internet. The last resort is to allow the movie to fully load before you start viewing it.

Downloading Movies at Uwatchfree – a Step by Step Guide

If you don’t want to stream or simply like to store a flick on your computer, you can also use uwatchfree to download movies online. It’s just as easy as streaming.

Here’s how it’s done:
  1. After selecting a movie or TV-series, scroll down to the links that can be found below the description of it. Here you will find a button that says “download *movie name*”. Click on it and a new web page will open. DO NOT click on a button that says “Download in HD”. This will take you to another website that has nothing to do with uwatchfree.
  2. A clock will begin counting down. Wait for it to finish and then click on the button that says “create download link”. You may have to click on it several times because of ads that appear. Just close down the ads.
  3. Another page will open up with another button that says “Click here to download”. Simply click on it and the movie or TV-series will begin downloading. Once again you may have to close down ads and click on the button several times.

Please note that unlike streaming movies at uwatchfree downloading is considered illegal everywhere in the world.

To visit uwatchfree you can use many different links as the persons behind the platform have registered many different domains. Not all of these will, however, work at all times. If one link isn’t working for you, just try another one. Here’s a full list of links for you:


The website is the same no matter what link you choose. If you live in Sweden for instance, you don’t have to use or use as an Indian. Anyone can use any link.

A Great Alternative

Our friends at recently uploaded an article about the best alternatives to 123Movies (another movie site) which we recommend you to check out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Uwatchfree

Is there any app available for uwatchfree?

There is indeed – at least so for Android. The uwatchfree app can’t be found in the google play store though, but you have to download it from the official website. We aren't sure if there is an app for iOS.

I type in but I can’t find the website?

The site has many different domains and at times some of these go offline. If isn’t working for you, try, or any other of the domains that we have listed here.

Is it safe to watch movies at

While we can’t make any guarantees that is safe to watch movies at, we are comfortable saying that you most likely have nothing to worry about. Laws vary in different countries, but for the most part there seems to be a consensus that just streaming a movie is not illegal. From the research we have done no one seems to have been prosecuted for it either.

In terms of viruses and malware, uwatchfree themselves are saying that their website is 100% safe. However, it is in fact possible that the ads that appear are infectious. As long as you have some kind of anti-virus / malware protection you don’t have to worry though as this will protect you.

Can uwatchfree movies be downloaded?

Yes. More or less all, if not all, movies and TV-series at uwatchfree have a download link. Don’t mistake this link for a button that says “Download in HD” though. Clicking on this button will take you to an entirely different site and this one requires you to sign up an account and provide debit card details. The link you’re looking for just says “download movie name” and can be found below the description of the movie.

Is it legal to download movies at uwatchfree?

No. As far as we know there is no country in the world that allows movies to be downloaded. Downloading movies from uwatchfree is no different than downloading from a torrent site. If you want to be safe we suggest keeping it to streaming.

How many uwatchfree movies are available?

More than 10,000 in total and the number is constantly growing with decade old classics as well as the latest releases regularly being added to the site.

Can I watch Bollywood movies at uwatchfree?

You bet you can! More than 1200 Bollywood movies are available. On top of this, you can also find more than 800 Hollywood produced movies dubbed in Hindi.

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