Why Bonuses and Free Spins are Important as an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a numbers game. The bottom line is to drive as many referrals to your client’s website as possible. Of course, you want referrals that become paying customers. That way, you also make money in the process.

In the casino space, there are several ways to fire up your affiliate website. But none of them is as effective as promoting your site with free spins and bonuses. Here's why.

Bonuses Creates a Great First Impression

The saying first impression is the best impression is true even in the business world. Your audience's first perception of a company can create a lasting image. So, it's necessary to introduce the casinos you're promoting not only as safe but also generous to players.

Think about no deposit free spins. These are freebies casino players like and cherish. When you share a list of websites with these bonuses, most people pay attention immediately. That’s because they care about the free games and are inclined to join websites with the offers.

As a tip, always list bonuses together with a brief overview of their terms and conditions. People no longer claim casino free spins just because they are free. They take time to compare bonuses to get the best offer possible.

Bonuses Help Foster Trust

Let’s face it. Many people are hesitant to join new casinos. Call it the fear of the unknown. But no one wants to risk their money at a website they are new to. If they must use its services, they want assurance that it’s safe and worth their time.

So, how do you convince prospects that the casinos you’re promoting are safe? Show them the money—bonuses. Free things have a way of instilling trust in people. Think of a free meal at a new restaurant.

It could be the first day the restaurant is opening. But since they have free food, lots of people will show up. The same thing happens with bonuses. Your website visitors might not have trust with the casinos you’re promoting until you give them a reason: bonuses to create trust.

Bonuses Mean Value for Money

Most casino players know this. Bonuses aren’t necessarily free money. But they provide value in some way. They offer value when you get a bigger bonus than you deposit or when the chances of turning your bonus into cash are high.

Let’s use this example. Your welcome offer is 50 casino free spins and a 100% first deposit bonus worth up to $1000. All your free spin winnings are paid as cash while the deposit bonus comes with a wagering requirement.

The welcome package above is great value for new customers. And that's because you get more than you bargain for–a deposit-based bonus and free spins. Of course, the value would be higher without a wagering requirement. But as long as it is manageable, then it's alright.

Bonuses Get People Talking

Let's be honest. Running an affiliate website is hard. Getting decent traffic takes months of hard work and patience. And still, to succeed, you need to get as many referrals as possible. Bonuses can make your work easy by getting people to talk about the companies you're promoting.

Think about it. One casino you’re marketing pays back 10% of monthly losses in cash. The next one doesn’t have such a deal. Which website will get people talking? That’s right. Casino players don’t stay quiet when they discover an operator worth talking about.

And as an affiliate marketer, your dream is to get people talking about the stuff you market. That way, you can reach a far bigger audience that your site can manage. And in doing so, you increase your earning potential immensely.

Bonuses Encourage Loyalty

Another dream for affiliate marketers is to create an authoritative website. They want to be the go-to place for reliable and trustworthy information. Although you can create such a site by consistently putting out objective information, bonuses make things easier.

When people tag your website as the best place for casino bonuses, they won’t need a second reason to come back. They might not like how you write or how your website looks. But if it has coupon codes for sweet bonuses, you can be assured they will come back repeatedly.

Of course, you don’t want to use bonuses as bait for attracting website audience. You must accompany bonus deals with informative content. That way, it’s easier to convince people to join the websites you’re marketing.

Bonuses Inspire Actions

Psychologists believe that free stuff inspires people to take action on something. When you get a free book at a bookstore, you feel obliged to buy one more. When you get a free trial online, you feel inspired to pay for the service.

In other words, there’s a science behind freebies. But it’s the science marketers want to hear: how to turn strangers into customers. Of course, not every freebie inspires people to spend money.

In the casino scene, only great bonuses make people feel obliged to spend money at a casino. If free spins are hard to acquire or they don’t lead to real cash, most people will abandon the website. Instead, they will spend their time and money where they’re appreciated better.

Bonuses make People Ignore Flaws

When you think about it, many casinos have their strengths and weaknesses. And people have different likes and dislikes about gaming websites. A website you’re promoting could have 1000+ games but a limited variety of payment methods.

Another website could have fewer games and more payment methods. Most customers are willing to look past these businesses’ weaknesses if they have amazing bonuses. Someone who likes to pay through PayPal might choose to use credit cards if the casino has a great offer.

That’s the power of free spins and bonuses. They make your audience look past what they perceive as drawbacks. And in doing so, they click through your links to become paying customers even when your casinos aren’t perfect. And isn’t that every marketer’s dream? 

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