Review of or BonusFinder is one of the best affiliate websites out there for online casinos. It has detailed information on online casinos in multiple countries and a ton of information on gambling in general. It also puts repeated emphasis on safe gambling and offers solid advice for newcomers. The best feature of the website is how well information is organized on it. They even provide a very helpful table of all the best casinos in different categories like mobile casinos, no deposit casinos, casino bonuses, etc.

Who will find value in 

Players from various nationalities can access BonusFinder for their benefit. There’s information on online gambling in the United Kingdom, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Germany, Canada, and Sweden. Moreover, the respective languages are also available for the nationalities. is one of the very best when it comes to guiding new or amateur gamblers across the landscape of hundreds of online casinos. They have the most up to date information on bonuses and free spins on video slots and even scratch cards or sports betting. That being said, experienced gamblers too will find value in the website. Their guides and tips are of appeal to all levels of gamblers.

Can I find exclusive bonuses on 

No, you cannot find exclusive bonuses on BonusFinder, but they will help you by neatly tabulating all the bonuses offered by all the online casinos in your country. Casino bonuses, sports bonuses, and all other types of bonuses are found on the website. However, there is significantly more information available on bonuses specific to Canadians.

How many casinos are listed in

All in all, there are 100+ casinos listed on BonusFinder. Each country has several online casinos listed in its section.

Is trustworthy? 

In general, the website can be considered trustworthy. However, there is a slight tendency to favor certain casinos in its reviews. This fact can be overlooked though, due to the website's highly informative nature. 

Also, another thing of note is that BonusFinder makes it explicitly known that they prefer to cater to Canadian gamblers. This is also reflected in their bonus catalogs, where they list much lesser-known and niche bonuses.

Can I find news and guides at

Yes, you definitely can! They feature impeccable guides on their website, which is very helpful to newer and experienced gamblers alike.

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