Review of is an affiliate website that has information on all things gambling in the online casino world of New Zealand. The website is tailored solely towards Kiwis, who can use it to learn about the various casino bonuses, the advantages, and disadvantages of the casinos, and whether they’re reliable or not. puts a great deal of emphasis on the reliability and trustworthiness of the casinos they list on their website. They know how the gambling industry in New Zealand has been developing over the past few years, so they use their team of experienced gamblers and professionals to single out the best casinos for you.

Who will find value in 

If you are a gambler in New Zealand, you are bound to find significantly helpful in multiple ways. This is regardless of how many years of gambling and betting you have under your belt. Most of their features are built keeping in mind the requirements of newer gamblers. Detailed instructions are provided too as to how to choose their preferred casino. 

This, however, doesn’t mean that more experienced players will not find any value in the website. Their continually updating database on the bonuses of every casino is very useful for even seasoned gamblers who are looking to join other casinos maybe and make profits.

Can I find exclusive bonuses on 

No, you won’t find any bonuses exclusive to the website at the moment. But the website lists all the latest casino bonuses, sports bonuses, and free spins bonuses on video slots to ensure that you’re able to compare these among websites.

How many casinos are listed in

There are around 20 casinos listed on this website. It basically features all of the online casinos which are legally allowed to operate in New Zealand. So you can be sure that the entire set of choices for you is given here.

Is trustworthy? is very trustworthy, not only in terms of the information it provides but also regarding the reviews and their opinions on all the casinos they write about. They have a completely unbiased team of writers and expert gamblers who give their honest opinions on all the casinos and make sure you get both their pros and cons before paying. 

Can I find news and guides at

You will find guides on the website which are made for newer gamblers. These are also very well written. News, on the other hand, is a bit lacking here, so you’d be better off using a different website for that.

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