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There is an endless supply of online casinos at the moment, and while this is a good sign for the industry's overall strength, it does create issues when you’re trying to find gaming platforms that suit your preferences.

Due to the incredible sustained growth of the casino gaming industry, spinoff versions and subsidiary platforms have also been very successful. This success stems directly from the phenomenal visibility and looser legislation that has emerged allowing casinos to flourish over recent years, especially in the US.

While casinos generate billions of dollars worth of profit every month, many other platforms are carving out their own success. These platforms operate in stricter legislative environments where traditional online casinos cannot operate. Platforms must think outside the box to bring casino-style games within state lines while ensuring they do not offer anything that could constitute a real money wager or their business could be shut down.

Fortune Coins – The King of Sweepstakes Casinos?

Gambling via sweepstakes might not immediately seem like the most enthralling way to play casino games, but there are several reasons why millions of casino gamers opt to use these free-to-play platforms. Sweepstakes allow gamers to use virtual tokens, which are unique to each site, to play a variety of slot games.

Although they offer prizes, such as more gold coins or online vouchers, you can’t win real money directly at a sweepstakes casino. This means they can operate in any US state and provide slot games to millions who cannot use them at a classic online casino. Finding sites like Fortune Coins isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Sure, many sweepstakes are trying to attract huge waves of new customers, but that doesn’t mean they all offer the same quality of service as Fortune Coins. However, we’ve done plenty of research and narrowed it down to a select few sweepstakes casinos with a similar, entertaining platform for you to scout out — and we'll be revealing all slightly further down the page!

Sweepstakes – Helping to Promote Responsible Gambling

Sweepstakes games can provide a unique pathway into casino gaming for those who may not feel comfortable playing in a live casino environment for real money. You can use a sweepstakes platform to refine your skills and update your knowledge without worrying about the monetary loss that often comes with playing at a traditional casino platform.

If you find yourself spending too much time playing casino games or think that they’re a viable option as an income source, these are red flags. You should only ever play casino games as a source of enjoyment or to unwind.

You should never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose or allow it to negatively impact your close friendships and relationships. Seek help if you believe you could be straying into this dangerous territory to ensure that you can control it before it becomes destructive.

Our Top Sites Like Fortune Coins

Sweepstakes slots are increasing in popularity, and while they might have some way to go before they attract the sort of activity that traditional casinos do, there is a cluster of sweepstakes slot operators doing impressive things in the sector.

Pulsz Casino

First on our list is Pulsz Casino, with over 700 slot games to play and 5,000 free gold coins for new customers to get started; they’re a great introduction to the quality and design of the top
sweepstakes sites.

Yellow Social Interactive Ltd is the Gibraltar-based company behind Pulsz, and despite being around for less than five years, it is making a lot of noise in the sector. Once you purchase gold coins through Pulsz, you can enjoy an ad-free experience, which makes it more like traditional casinos than many other sweepstakes sites.

LuckyLand Slots

LuckyLand launched a couple of years prior to Pulsz, and although Pulsz might have more slot games on its site, LuckyLand is one of the most popular sweepstakes casinos online. It’s not just in US states where online casinos are banned that LuckyLand slots sweepstakes have a strong audience; they’re beginning to attract players from states where traditional online casino gaming is legal.

Their Android and iOS apps are also worth checking out, but their sweepstakes slots selection can compete with Fortune Coins’ collection.

Stake.US Casino

Stake benefits from being a separate part of a large, traditional casino. Since its launch in 2017, Stake has made great strides in the online gambling industry. The Australian and Curacao-based casino continues to emphasize developing its brand and visibility across a range of globally known sports brands, ranging from Premier League teams to F1 partnerships.

While Fortune Coins, Luckyland, and Pulsz all offer a fantastic web of slot games with various themes and designs, Stake.US branches into other casino gaming areas, most notably poker and blackjack. If you enjoyed Fortune Coins slot sweepstakes, then we’d recommend Stake.US if you’re looking for the same experience and want to build your knowledge about live card-based casino games as well.

WOW Vegas Casino

As one of the few top sweepstakes that offers a collection of live table games alongside its formidable slot choice, it would’ve been a complete disservice not to mention WOW Vegas Casino on this list today.

With a bag of free gold coins to kickstart your experience and a 24/7 customer service desk there to help you if you run into any issues, they’re one of the highest-rated sweepstakes casinos. As sweepstakes casinos often have tighter budgets to work with, it’s rare to come across a homepage with a design that clearly has a lot of expensive graphics and design quality.

Chumba Casino

If you’re going to choose one sweepstake out of the half a dozen or so we have mentioned, we’d say check out Chumba Casino ahead of the rest. Not only does it boast all the same casino table games and a huge array of slots to feast on, but the welcome bonus gives you 2 million new coins on sign-up.

By consistently offering social promotions in return for gold coins and other bonuses, this San Francisco-based provider keeps its name in the spotlight on social media and helps build its base with organic word-of-mouth advertising. Chumba Casino takes the prize in forward-thinking marketing, which exemplifies why it’s so revered among sweepstakes players within the industry and why it continues to make waves and bring in new clientele.

Final Thoughts

Sweepstakes casinos continue to grow in demand, and all the names we’ve touched on today are charged with the unenviable task of trying to stay one step ahead of each other. Unlike traditional casinos, which can offer cash incentives and free bets for real money, sweepstakes casinos need to think more creatively and work within a much smaller budgetary framework.

Other sites worth mentioning include BetRivers.net casino, although we imagine you’ll have your hands full with free gold coins if you check out the main ones we’ve recommended today.

However, just like traditional casinos, sweepstakes offer several ways that you can use promotions and welcome bonuses to gamble for free, and once you collect these bonuses, you can decide which sweepstakes provider you like the most.

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