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Canada Online Slots is a brand-new online casino magazine featuring news, reviews and game information for video slot fans. The writing team’s specialist knowledge of the slot market means that readers can find out about all the latest new game and casino releases in more detail than other sites provide.

Readers learn in depth about things like slot's math models, game payout potential and features, as well as casino bonus terms and conditions, the pros and cons of each cashier service and much more. In short, they aim to provide fully comprehensive profiles of all the games and gambling operators reviewed.

This is an important time for the gambling industry in Canada as businesses and consumers alike prepare for a future in which they can both participate in a fully regulated market. Canada Online Slots publishes news and features about changes in licensing laws and regulation that will affect slots players too. In summary, they aim to be a go-to, trusted resource for avid slots gamblers and casual players alike.

Who Will Find Value in Canada Online Slots? 

Anyone who loves playing slot games online. There are thousands of slots to try, and hundreds of online casinos to play them at. Their aim is to help readers make sense of this crowded market of products and gambling operators and find a game and a casino that suits their budget and their tastes so that they can get maximum value and fun out of their wagering online.

For example, browse through one of the game reviews and you will see that not only do they cover the basics like the theme, art and design of a slot, but also vital statistics like the Return to Player (RTP), variance and top available payouts of each. This can help a user to understand what kind of experience they will get when they spin the reels – lots of regular small payouts, or less frequent, but potentially much bigger wins – and which features they need to trigger to get the best results.

Equally, when Canada Online Slots review an online casino where these games can be played, they lift the lid on things like bonusing – how much can you claim, what do you have to do to claim the bonus, what wagering requirements need to be met to cash out, and what win limits are there. They also publish all cashier options, minimum and maximum deposits, and other useful information. Additionally, they review licensing and generally profile the operator so that readers know who is behind the brand they are signing up to.

It’s all about providing the best level of information a user might need to feel comfortable signing up and depositing at a gambling site in Canada. 

Can I Find Exclusive Bonuses at

Every site that is listed has a bonus package of some kind to new players. This will normally consist of a deposit match of two, and some free spins on a popular slot. These offers can be found elsewhere, but from time to time Canada Online Slots also strike an exclusive deal with a casino to offer its readers something that can’t be found elsewhere. For these offers a one time bonus code is made available and must be used in order to claim the extra spins. These codes are published in the casino review.

How Many Real Money Casinos Are Listed on

At launch they had about 20 reviews available to read but they are constantly adding more. By the end of 2021 it is expected that they will have 100. This is important because it means that they can mix quality and quantity and give their readers a wide choice to browse through. They don’t publish a review of a real money casino that they aren't confident is providing a safe and reliable service. 

Is Canada Online Slots Trustworthy? 

Yes, 100% trustworthy! Their team of writers has many years experience working in the industry in both Canada and Europe and they know their subject well! So they can really get behind the marketing speak and tell you what a game or casino is really about. They also understand things like bonus terms inside out so they can provide helpful advice to readers and point out the catches and pros and cons of any free casino offers. 

Can I Find News and Guides at Canada Online Slots?

Yes, there is already a growing collection of guides covering the casino industry and slots in particular. They write about game features and how slots work, the legality of gambling in Canada, how licensing works, which payment methods are the best, and they profile slot game companies so players can find out who is behind the games they love. They also cover gambling strategy, how to play responsibly and much more.

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