Why Is the Swedish Online Casino Market Growing?

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The tradition of gambling has been a part of Swedish culture for a long time. In recent years, most people have started using the internet for anything from betting on sports to playing casino games. How come the Swedish online casino market is growing and what does it mean for the future of gambling in Sweden? 

Casino Operators Apply for a Gambling License

First of all, it's good to know how the gambling market works in this Scandinavian country. The Swedish gambling market has undergone a rather dramatic transformation over the past years. In 2019, a new Gambling Act was passed which allowed private companies to apply for a gambling license, opening up the gambling and online casino market and removing the previous monopoly system. 

Why Some People Use CUSL – Casino Utan Svensk Licens

utan spelpaus

The changes in the Swedish law meant that more options became available on the market, and an increasing number of casino and betting sites with a Swedish license appeared. However, the new Gambling Act also meant that some people turned to online casinos without a Swedish license. CUSL is short for Casino Utan Svensk Licens, and simply means that the company which owns the casino has a gambling license outside of Sweden. 

Some players prefer these gambling operators, for varying reasons. The main reason, according to a survey by the Swedish gambling authority, Spelinspektionen, is that customers want to get access to more bonuses. While casinos with a Swedish license are restricted to offering one bonus per player, CUSL – casinos with licenses in other countries – can sometimes offer more bonuses and larger ones.

Different Opportunities for Betting

Another common reason why some Swedes choose CUSL is that odds and betting opportunities can be different. For example, some sports or events that aren't available on the national-licensed sites could be available from an operator in a different country. The Swedes have for a long time been into sports and betting, especially on football, ice hockey, and harness racing. Nowadays, there are a lot more categories that also interest people, such as e-sports and padel.

How the Self-Exclusion Tool Works

In the survey mentioned earlier, some of the participants gave a third reason why they rather play on CUSL. The reason is that they had used the Swedish national system for self-exclusion from gambling, called Spelpaus. When registering in the national self-exclusion system, players can't access any gambling websites and similar services until their chosen period of time has run out. 

However, with gambling operators without the Swedish license available on the market, there is still the option to keep playing. People are strongly advised not to do this though, since using the self-exclusion tool often means that there's a gambling problem and that it's best to take a break from any kind of casino games or betting. 

The Market Keeps Growing Every Year

In 2022, the Swedish online gambling revenue increased by 5%. The year before that, the revenue had increased by the same amount. Changing consumer trends have played a role in driving up demand for gambling services online in Sweden, and internationally. Many have turned to online gaming as a way to pass the time, with casinos being one of the most popular types of entertainment. Furthermore, with more people having access to smartphones and other mobile devices, there is now great convenience when it comes to accessing online casinos and sportsbooks.

The Swedish government has also taken steps to create an enabling regulatory environment for operators looking to enter the market. The Gambling Act established clear guidelines on how operators should conduct their business while ensuring that consumers are protected from any potential harm caused by irresponsible or fraudulent activities.

Expecting Further Expansion

Just like in many other countries, problem gambling is an issue that needs to be addressed by both operators and regulators alike. The government is taking steps towards curbing any negative impacts by introducing stricter regulations on advertising and marketing practices as well as increasing awareness campaigns on responsible gaming practices.

Overall, it appears that the future of gambling in Sweden looks bright with more opportunities for both consumers and operators alike, with several factors contributing towards its growth:

  • Increased accessibility
  • Advancements in technology
  • Changing consumer trends
  • An enabling regulatory environment

It’s safe to say that we can expect further expansion of this industry over the coming years. This could lead to increased revenue for both operators and governments alike while also providing consumers with more choices regarding entertainment options available online.

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