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Here at gambling affiliate review we believe in helping one another to achieve the same goals. There are many ways leading to success and we all have different skill sets that we can benefit from. If you’re as passionate about the gambling industry as we are, you will find that we offer great opportunities for collaboration. We’re talking about writing for us as a part time job, advertising with us or making guest posts for casino, sports and poker. Sounds interesting? Then keep reading and we’ll tell you more!

Got a way with words? Write for us!

Working in such a huge industry as the online gambling one you can never get enough of sports, poker and casino content. There are always new things to write about. Not only are affiliate sites popping up as pimples on an oily teenager. There are constantly new rules and regulations being introduced, not to mention a handful of slots being released every week.

Unfortunately for us we’re just a small team that can’t cover it all even though we would like to. This is where you who know your way around words got a great opportunity to write for us on a regular basis. We offer great freedom where you can choose to write about casino, review affiliate sites or really dig deep into what’s happening in the world of gambling. It's all up to you!

Just send us a message and you may soon find yourself working as a part time writer for us at gambling affiliate review. You’ll find our contact info at the bottom of the page.

Own an affiliate site? Advertise with us!

As much as we love doing research and reviewing affiliate sites with an unbiased mind, we believe there’s a much more efficient way of handling things. When we’re proposing that you as a sport, poker or casino affiliate advertise with us, we’re not just talking about putting up some banner on our site. We’re talking about giving you the opportunity to write your own review of your own website.

We can spend hours nitpicking it, but no matter the effort we put into our research no one will know how your affiliate site works better than you. By giving you the freedom to write the affiliate review you can give our visitors unique information that we never could and at the same time advertise with us in a great way.

To ensure honesty we will of course quality check every written piece carefully. As you can understand, it’s very important for us that our visitors can trust the information that we provide.

Know the gambling industry? Make a guest post!

If you’re not interested in writing for us on regular basis, you may want to promote yourself by dropping us a guest post about casino, sports or poker. It’s never wrong to showcase the world what you’re able to produce. We will of course always give you credit for your contributions if you’d like to. There are many full time content writers who started at the bottom working as support agents and creating quite the résumé through writing casino guest posts. I’m actually one of them.

Wondering about something? Just ask us!

There are many more reasons for contacting us than just contributing with guest posts of the gambling industry and advertising with us as an affiliate. You may have a question about us or how we got started with the site. Perhaps you’ve seen some flaws you’d like to point out? Or maybe you got a great idea for a project that you’d like to check if we would be onboard with?

We are open-minded people that are up for anything and don’t mind answering any questions that you may have. Just send us a message and we’ll have a chat!

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If you would like to get in contact with us at gambling affiliate review you can do so by filling in the below contact form. Alternatively you can also send us a message by using our e-mail which is [email protected].

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