Review of, as the name suggests, is a gambling affiliate website that focuses in particular on online casino poker games. It doesn't just review poker games or sites offering them, but lists some of the best websites offering poker games along with the traffic they handle on a regular basis. 

It tracks over 70 casinos and monitors the number of players actively engaging in poker games as well as the particular games they're engaging with. 

What's more, actually does help punters to scout out the best of the best poker games around with their unique ‘Game Finder'. This is a feature that allows gamers to enter the parameters of poker suited to their taste and be presented with a comprehensive list of the best games around that fit the bill.

Who will find value in

pkerscout homepage with bonuses

This website has been designed to cater to online poker game players in particular. However, unlike a lot of its counterparts, it actually does live up to the promise it generates, with an appeal that is truly international. 

The Home Page accommodates some tables which list casinos with the most traffic at a given point of time. There is an international listing which includes casinos online or poker game sites from all over the world. There are also listings which are country specific and provide a list of the poker game traffic in particular countries such as India, Germany, USA and others.

Can I find exclusive bonuses on

The section of the website which provides contact information to players also stayed the purpose of That is to provide gambling and gaming information to online poker players all over the world, enabling them to make informed choices about which games to play. So the website does list in its reviews the casino bonus offered by some of the top poker game offering casinos, but it does not list any sports bonus or host any exclusive bonuses of its own.

Is trustworthy? is a website that takes player safety seriously. The top three casinos listed at the top of the Home Page interface are chosen based, amongst other parameters, on the safety and fairness they guarantee gamers. 

Further, any data entered by visitors at the website is safeguarded and encrypted. Contact details are provided as part of the customer support system so that players are able to troubleshoot effectively whenever required. The website is also registered with GamCare, an organization campaigning for and promoting responsible gambling.

Can I find news and guides at has an entire section dedicated exclusively to international poker news. There are articles written or curated by the team, providing insights about major events in the e-poker world. These can range from new games and bonus offers to legislation legalizing gambling in certain countries, allowing gamers to sample from the truly assorted spread. 

There are however no particular poker guides available on the website or created exclusively for it. Not much information is available on video slot games or sports betting options either.

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