Review of is simply one of the best affiliate websites for sports betting. They cover all the bases as far as sports betting is concerned, and they have information on politics, Esports, and even award shows! Sports gambling will be much easier with the guides on this website, and since it is available in multiple countries, players won’t have a problem accessing it. They also have reviews on a large number of betting sites.  It is truly the one-stop shop for all things related to sports betting, sport bonuses, etc.

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Who will find value in has set up its reviews and all the information on its website specifically so that players of all levels can find some value in it. They have the latest updated odds on all upcoming games, especially from the NBA, NFL, NHL, all of the top soccer leagues, cricket, and even more. 

Oddshark will also list the best sport betting sites from the area by automatically detecting the location you’re in so that you do not have to search it out separately. It is also available in Portuguese and Spanish. Since houses information on a plethora of competitions across the world, it is available to audiences in a large number of countries in the UK, North America, Asia, and more. 

Can I find exclusive bonuses on

Yes, you can! is one of the select few affiliate websites on the internet which provides regular and reliable exclusive bonus codes for players. It has partnerships and tie-ups with some of the biggest online casinos and betting sites courtesy of its top-notch reputation in the gambling community. You do need to register an account with them to avail these bonuses, but it’s worth it! 

Oddshark also has all the information on the bonuses the sports betting websites themselves provide. This updated daily and is hence one of the most reliable.

How many casinos are listed at usually has 6 of the best betting sites listed on their website. They have very thorough reviews on each, and you can even find a guide on what to look for when searching for the best betting sites.

Is trustworthy? 

When it comes to trustworthiness and reliability, Oddshark is right up there with the best in online sports betting. They’ve been around for longer than most sites, and in this time, they’ve garnered a reputation for themselves few can match. 

The reviews on Oddshark are also completely unbiased and very well researched. They don’t tend to favor any particular website whatsoever.

Can I find news and guides at

Yes, you absolutely can. They have all the latest news on all things about sports gambling and even gambling in general. Their guides are also tailored towards helping newer gamblers learn.

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